How To setup MonitorWare Console

Article created 2003-11-19 by Wajih-ur-Rehman.

After installation, once MonitorWare Console is started, a dialog box similar to the one shown below would be displayed.

The default user name is “admin” and password is nothing (as shown above). Once a user enters into the application, this password can be changed.

At the bottom left corner of this dialog box, there are two links “Edit Database Connection” and “License Options” The latter one is self-explanatory. If you click on it a license dialog appears where you can view or change your license key and/license name. There is also a link to order the product directly via our online ordering system.

The other link in the login dialog, “Edit Database Connection” is used if the user wants to change the database connection. Currently MonitorWare Console supports Microsoft Access, SQL Server and MySQL. Once the above-mentioned link is clicked, a dialog box, as shown below, will pop up. Using this dialog box, the user can change the underlying database.

In the DSN, you can provide the name of the DSN that is pointing to some existing MonitorWare Database (Assuming that you already have configured MonitorWare Agent, EventReporter or WinSyslog). You can also create a new DSN by clicking on the link “Edit Database Sources”. It opens the ODBC Data Source Administrator window. On the System DSN tab the user can configure all found DSNs.

Use the System DSN tab to select the data source. Press the “Configure…” button to setup the database path for the data source.

Provider tab at the top left of the above screen is used to select the database. Connection tab is used to select the database path. Once the provider and the connection has been selected, Test Connection button can test whether the connection with the specified database has been established or not.

If the dialog box, as shown below, is displayed, it means that the connection with the specified database has been set up properly and the user can proceed further by pressing the OK button

On the other hand, if a dialog box, as shown below is displayed, it means that there is something wrong and the connection with the mentioned database has not been established.

After setting up the database, the OK button in the top most figure will take the user inside the MonitorWare Console application.


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