Comparision of Monilog Report and System Status Report of MonitorWare Console

Article created 2004-12-07 by Hamid Ali Raja.

This article presents the comparison of MonitorWare Console System Status Report with that of the Monilog Report. These reports basically help system administrators to analyze the data in database and help monitoring the resources. Here is a brief comparison of these two reports:


Monilog Report

It displays summarized results of devices with details about free space on the disk holding the logs, number of events etc in html format. It incorporates configurable font size and customizable headers. You can also publish your reports to the web.

You can also view sample Monilog Report.

System Status Report

It gives you a detailed overview of your system status by giving you a drill down facility up to four levels which can be expanded and collapsed to view information in your report. You can only expand the nodes in which you are interested in. You can make your report easy to view by choosing different templates aided with different background and color schemes. You can publish your reports to the web as well.

You can also view sample System Status Report.


It is a way to get nice and concise results.

Monilog Report

You can apply filters to Monilog Report but unfortunately they are very few in number and just help to include or exclude events on the basis of keywords or event type.

System Status Report

It has been facilitated with many powerful filters mentioned below:


For MonitorWare Console 2.1 and above, any combination of ANDs, ORs or NOTs is possible between these filters.

For each filter, there are a number of different operators that you can apply. For example, if you want to apply a filter on EventID you have the following options:

Is equal to
Is not equal to
is one of
is not one of
is less than or equal to
is less than
is equal to
is greater than
is greater than or equal to
is between
is not between

To learn about applying filters, please follow, How do I apply filters for MonitorWare Console database reports?


Monilog Report

The license fee is US$ 99 per machine it is installed on.

System Status Report

You cannot use MonitorWare Console without the Base Product. If you are interested only in "Windows Reporting Module" that includes System Status Report, then you would have to purchase 2 licenses. One for the "Base Product" and the other one will be for "Windows Reporting Module". Base Product gives you the following functionality:

ICMP Lookup Tool
Exporting and Importing Database Settings Tool
Managing Users Tool
Time Zone handling tool
Database Maintenances Tools

To view functions detail, please consult MonitorWare Console base product functionality.

Now, when you buy Windows reporting module, in addition to System Status Report you also get four more Windows reports those are Dictionary attacks report, Last log on report, Log on log off report and Needle in the hay stack report. Pricing information for base product plus Windows reporting module is as under:

MonitorWare Console Base Product 40 US$.
MonitorWare Console Windows Report 60 US$.

These both sum up to 100 US$. If you purchase MonitorWare Console base product with Windows reporting module you get 5 reports including System Status Report that is more powerful than Monilog Report and it only makes you pay one extra US dollar. You can also add Pix Reports and other customized reports to your reporting module in future.

To learn more about modular licensing options of MonitorWare Console, please visit MonitorWare Console modular licensing options.

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