Generating a report more than once with Job Manager using MonitorWare Console 2.0

Created 2004-06-09 by Tamsila-Q-Siddique

How can I generate a particular report more than once in a day with Job Manager?

In Monitorware Console 2.0, you can generate a report more than once in one day with Job Manager using the underlying database or from log files. This can be done by using "Profiles" in the Job Manager. You can associate different reports to different profiles and they will be generated according to your specified time and date. You can create as many profiles as you like in Job Manager which means that you can generate the same report as many times as you would like in one day.

For example, you can tell Job Managerto generate the System Status report on Monday at 07:00 AM, 08:00 AM, 09:00 AM,... and you can take necessary actions right away!

When a report is generated once, it sets a boolean flag in the database that this report has been generated. Even if you change the time of generation of that report to some value later in the day, still the Job Manager will check that boolean flag and since it will be set to true when the report was initially generated, it will not generate the report on the same day. However on the next day the report will definitely be generated on the specified time.

Profiles allow you to associate same or different reports to different profiles, and they will be generated on the specified time and day. Once a report associated to a profile is generated it can't be generated again against that specific profile. So all in all the description given in the preceeding paragraph about "once report generated" is applied.

For example you want to generate the same report e.g. System Status Report on the same day e.g. at 07:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Monday. We would create different profiles for accomplishing this scenario. You can associate System Status Report to be generated at 07:00 AM to the "Default" Profile (this profile is present by default). Then you would create another new profile for generating the same report at 12:00 PM. Let say that you have created a new profile named as "SystemStaus Report - 12:00". Then associate this profile to System Status Report and configure the profile settings i.e. set the time to 12:00 PM on Monday. Once done save the settings!

Note: You would need Base Product Key plus either Window Reporting Module or Pix Reporting Module Key (or both), as Job Manager is shiped with these Modules.

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