Why are there empty log fields in phpLogCon?

Created 2009-11-30 by Tom Bergfeld

What are the settings that I would have to make such that the log file is generated in a format
that is acceptable to phpLogCon?

There are a two things that have to be set in order to generate a log file that would be read by
phpLogCon for Reporting purposes.

1. You have to add a message parser in phpLogCon

In phpLogCon there are some message parsers integrated. Just go to the Admin Center and click on
"Message Parsers" for a summary. Also there are some information about every parser.

For Adiscon products we need the "eventlog" parser. The line to insert that parser you will find
in the Admin Center. Go to "Source" and click on the source name.

Here you can insert the parser as on the screenshot below.

Inserting a parser was one big step, but that is partly not enough.

2. Adjust the message format in EventReporter / MonitorWareAgent

PhpLogCon needs a special format to separates the parts of the logs into the different columns.
That message format is already integrated in Adiscon products. You will find it in your action in
"message options". (The action in the screenshot is a forward via syslog action.)

If you click on "insert" you will find "replace with" and then "Adiscon Eventlog Format" as in the screenshot.

That is the needed messasge format. You will also find it below to copy it into your configuration
(use copy&paste to enter it):

With the above mentioned settings, phpLogCon will successfully display your logs.


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