What are the known Issues in MonitorWare Console 1.0?

Created 2003-09-24 by Wajih-ur-Rehman

What are the known issues present in MonitorWare Console 1.0?

Unfortunately, MonitorWare Console 1.0 has some quality issues. Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes. We are working hard to resolve these issues. It is Adiscon's policy to disclose the issues we see so that customers at least know these things and do not need to troubleshoot their setup. If an issue is missing, please let us know at support@adiscon.com.

  1. When MonitorWare Console is started with some existing database (used by MonitorWare Agent, EventReporter or WinSyslog) instead of starting with the sample database shipped with it, MonitorWare Console throws exceptions. This could be solved by downloading and running a tool that updates the database. Following FAQ will help in this regard:

  2. In the devices Module, Discover Devices gives an error with MySQL database.
  3. Next button in "Events View" form does not work properly for MySQL database.
  4. In KnowledgeBase Manager, pressing "Delete All" button, when there is no KnowledgeBase article present, gives error.
  5. "System Status" Report generates errors with MySQL database.
  6. "Last Log on" Report generates errors with MySQL database.
  7. None of the Crystal Reports work with MySQL database.
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