How to get MonitorWare Agent 4.4 working on Windows NT4?

Created 2008-02-28 by Andre Lorbach

The last official version of MWAgent which is supported on Windows NT4 is version 3.1 Build 292.

Due to customer requests, we have created a special build of MonitorWare Agent version 4.4a which will also work on Windows NT4. However this will definitely be the last official build which will work on NT4. The newer versions of MWAgent are using features which are only available on Windows 2000 or higher. Please note that the installer used for MonitorWare Agent 4.4 can not be run under NT4. As such, the setup procedure is a bit clumpsy.

Follow these instructions to get MWAgent 4.4 build 333 working on Windows NT4.

  1. Download and install MonitorWare Agent 3.1 from here:
  2. Download and unpack the special NT4 Version of MonitorWare Agent 4.4 build 333 from here:
  3. If you haven't yet, install the Active Directory Extension for Windows NT 4.0, either by download or using the dclient.exe from the package.
  4. Copy the unpacked files over your existing Installation.
  5. Configure and start the MonitorWare Agent.

If any problems occur, feel free to send us an email to


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