Records are not displayed on the Web when MYSQL was the underline database ?

Created 2003-11-19 by Tamsila-Q-Siddique

Records are not displayed on the web when I use MySQL ? Records aren't displayed on the web when I use MySQL. The data isn't retrieved even though the database is being populated and logs are being generated.

Note that MySQL under Linux requires "case sensitive" in the most cases. MySQL database tables and, field names should match with the ones defined in your "Data Base Logging Action". That's why records aren't displayed on the web when MySQL is the underline database. For doing this do the following:
* Ruleset - > Actions - > Data Base Logging.
* MySQL -> (Databases)... -> Database -> YourDataBase (where YourDatabase could be any name).
* Check that the table names and the field names defined in the Data Base Logging and YourDataBase should match exactly.

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