Why does the File Monitor Service experience difficulties when accessing files located on a NetWare Server?

Created 2004-06-16 by Tamsila-Q-Siddique.

I am attempting to watch files on a NetWare Server. On my W2K machine MonitorWare Agent can monitor files on itself wonderfully but it will not monitor files on the NetWare Server. We are receiving your error code 1707 when attempting to connect via your connection menu item. What to do?

This is because our MonitorWare Line of Products (e.g. MonitorWare Agent) are installed to be running under the "Windows Local System Account". This account is restricted from network I/O by Windows design.

We have also seen that the NetWare Client under Windows 2000 seems to have big issues with services. Click here to know the recommended System Requirements for Monitoring NetWare Files.

Using the Microsoft Client - and not the Novell one - will most likely solve any issues. You can verify if it is a client issue, by running the MonitorWare Agent in the fore ground, and not as a service. This was specifically added as a work-around for Novell related issues (we have really, really pinpointed that this is a Novell / Microsoft issue and not our software - lot's of other services are experiencing similar problems). The Novell issue is only with services - as soon as you run the MonitorWare Agent in a DOS box in an interactive session, all troubles disappear.

Using a UNC share to monitor a log file can be used as a work around as well.

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