Is SMS-alerting possible with a GSM modem and the Send to Communications Port-Action?

Created 2008-02-13 by Florian Riedl.

Which tools to use ...

Every of our products (EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog) contain a action which is able to send messages to the communications port of the PC. The question is, if it is possible, to use a GSM modem connected to this port for realtime SMS alerting.

The "Send to communication port"-action allows you to directly send data to the com-port of a PC. If you have a modem connected, the device will receive the message and interpret it's content and acts as programmed. In most cases, you would possibly connect a serial audit printer or for example a separate display for showing recent log data. For this, in most cases, the pure message and a line feed will be sufficient.

Sending SMS

For sending to a modem device, in this case a GSM modem, you would need to know, how the message must look like for the GSM modem to send a SMS with the message to a specific recipient. So in general, this is quite likely to work, but we have no information on stock how to setup a specific message.

The easiest way to achieve SMS alerting is by using a E-Mail2SMS service. There are several service providers on the web who provide the possibility to send a E-Mail to a gateway host, which will then send a SMS with the log message to a specified mobile phone number. This is a idea, which is most likely to work.

Anyway, both ideas are likely to get cost-intensive. Once a large number of errors occur, which should be forwarded, this could get out of control. We recommend to use filter settings in order to get only emergency alerts via sms. In any case, this kind of alerting is connected with extra costs.

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