My System status report is not showing any records?

Created 2004-08-27 by Tamsila-Q-Siddique.

My System status report is not showing any records, although my database contains records from various Syslog sources?

"System Status Report" is shipped with "Windows Reporting Module" of MonitorWare Console. As such, it only generates the reports on Windows Records only!

So essentially what it does is that it checks for the infounitid of the records in the database and if they are equal to 3 (which is the value for windows records), it shows them in the report and rejects all others. If you send something via the Syslog protocol, its infounitid is 1 and hence those records are not shown in the report.


The solution is very straight forward. You would have to send the records using SETP protocol. Using SETP protocol is not only essential for this report but also for other Windows Reports as well. In addition to that you need SETP to make "Views Module" also work. This is because, if you send the records using Syslog protocol, it removes most of the important information from the event: like event id, event user etc, which are used in the analysis by MonitorWare Console.

So if you intend to use MonitorWare Console, then it's absolutely necessary to use SETP protocol to get a good analysis.

Click here to know the difference between SETP and Syslog Protocol.

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