EventReporter 6.3 Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2004-06-08

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of the EventReporter 6.3 release. This is primarily a maintenance release, but it comes with new functionality. The following things are new:

  • New Actions Added

    - PlaySound Action can play a wave file once or more often.
    - Send to Communications Port send any message to a configured Serial or Printer port.

  • New Options Added - In Database Logging and Send Email Action.

  • Skinning Feature Added - By default 5 new fresh skins are installed and can be selected. We have also created a gif animation which cycles the same EventReporter Client view in all Skins. Click here to see!

  • Cloning Feature Added - You can clone a Ruleset, a Rule, an Action or a Service with one mouse click.

  • Enhanced Client

    - EventReporter Client Wizards has been enhanced for creating Actions, Services and RuleSets.
    - Enhaced the filter form. Filters are automatically updated. and other minute changes.
    - Introduced the "Property Replacer" and enhanced it features. The property replacer is a generic component that allows you to merge properties from the event processed to e.g. the email subject line or a log file line. It is a central component that is used as often in the product as possible. The idea behind the property replacer is that there is often need to specify a value from the event processed.

  • Increased Useability - Minor other EventReporter Client enhancments to increase it's useablility.

  • Stability - Minor other stability changes.

  • Bug Fixes

    - Problems with files larger then 4 GB in the Filelogging Action - When you restarted the EventReporter, those files were overwritten from the beginning.
    - The password in the database action view was not saved if encryption was not enabled.
    - In the File Logging action it could cause high CPU usage when Custom Fileformat was used.
    - In ODBC write which always persisted the NTSeverity as a constant value (4) to the database.


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