EventReporter 6.3 Service Pack 1

Release Date: 2004-07-27

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of the EventReporter 6.3 Service Pack 1 release. This is primarily a maintenance release. The following changes are made:

  • Enhanced Client

    - Configuration Client - More user friendly.
    - Configuration Client - Added support for shortcuts like CTRL+S (Directly save).
    - EventLog Action - It is now fully configurable for what is logged into the Eventlog.
    - EventLog Action - EventSource is now fully configurable.
    - File Logging Action - Reverted back to the SetFilePointer API, so the Service again works with NT4.

  • Bug Fixes

    - Fixed error in the product edition handling.
    - Fixed minor bugs in the XML Export / Import facility.

  • Stability - Minor other stability changes.


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