Adiscon Logger 1.1 Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2003-08-12.

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of Adiscon Logger 1.1. Adiscon logger is a UNIX-like logger command line tool. It sends messages or text file lines to a syslog server (aka syslog daemon or syslogd). Adiscon Logger is freeware. There is also a registered version with additional features; most notably the registered version can be used to forward file lines from within an automatted script.

Logger 1.1's big new feature is support for reliable syslog via TCP. This is done via the RAW protocol (profile) defined in RFC 3195. As such, logger.exe is the first commercially available software on the Windows platform to support RFC 3195 for logging purposes. As there are currently no RFC 3195 compliant syslog servers available for Windows, Adiscon logger has been tested against SDSC syslogd on Linux. Please note that Adiscon's syslog server products will shortly support RFC 3195 so that they, too, can be used to receive messages via reliable syslog.

Adiscon logger is a free 200KB download off Adiscon's web presence. Adiscon logger is available immediately. Besides being freeware, it is fully supported by Adiscon's world-class customer support.


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