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MonitorWare Console Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2003-07-15.

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of MonitorWare Console. MonitorWare Console is the newest member of Adiscon's MonitorWare line of products. With MonitorWare Console, network administrators can quickly watch what is going on in the network. It also enables security administrators to find weak spots and aids in detecting intrusions as well as forensic analysis.

MonitorWare Console displays data gathered by MonitorWare Agent. With its customizable views, it is easy to get the "big picture" while drilling down into detail data can be done with a mouse-click. Comprehensive reports tell administrators about system health and security. They can be generated both on demand as well as on a schedule. Devices and Knowledge Base modules can be used to build a site repository.

Troubleshooting is supported with integrated diagnostic tools like a network scanner, ping and traceroute. MonitorWare Console is also closely integrated into Adiscon's web ressources like the event and syslog discussion forums and Adiscon's security references. As such, in-depth understanding is just a mouse-click away.

"MonitorWare Console finally has become a reality" says Rainer Gerhards, president of Adiscon. "After months of analysis and development, we finally have created a tool that the network and security adminstrator can easily use to review and analyze log data. I would specifically like to thank all those beta testers that made the initial release such a great one!"

As a special offer, customers interested in a specifc report can submit a request to Adiscon. After reviewing the request, Adiscon will most probably be able to include the new report for free!

Additional Information

MonitorWare Console is a free download found at Adiscon's web site. Be sure to try it out today!

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