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MonitorWare Console 1.1 Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2003-09-29

MonitorWare Console is available immediately.

Following things have been done:

  • Bugs related to Views Module with MySQL removed  -  With MySQL, when trying to traverse to the next page by pressing the "Next" button, an empty page was displayed. This bug is removed.
  • Bugs related to Reporting Module with MySQL removed- With MySQL, most of the reports were throwing exceptions. The bug has been fixed. 
  • Database updation check added -MonitorWare Console needs updated version of the database to work with. In 1.1, MonitorWare Console checks for the underlying database and if its an older version it automatically updates it. Most of the exceptions that were there in 1.0 because of using older database are removed because of this check.

  • 8 new reports added- 8 new and very useful reports have been added to the Reporting Module which will give network administrators a great power in managing their network.
  • Bug related to Discover Devices with MySQL removed - There was a bug in Discover Devices with MySQL. It has now been removed.
  • Filter Engine of Reporting Module improved - The filter engine of the Reporting Module has been improved. In 1.0, it took some time to display the filter form. The original algorithm has been replaced with a highly efficient algorithm and hence the response time of Filter Form (for Reporting Module) has been reduced tremendously.
  • HTML formatting for Generate Report in View Module improved - In 1.0, when someone selected some rows from a view and pressed "Generate Report" button, it produced an HTML report which was not properly formatted. In 1.1, it has been corrected.
  • Images in Reports picked up from web - The images in the reports can now picked up from the web (its user configurable). So if you are using Job Manager to generate the reports and send it by emails, the recipients will also see the images present in the report

MonitorWare Console 1.1 is available immediately. Download your copy today!

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