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MonitorWare Console 2.0 Beta Released

Grossrinderfeld, 2004-02-11

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of MonitorWare Console 2.0 Beta. "I am pleased to announce the new 2.0 version" says president Rainer Gerhards "With this release, we managed to even further increase the fexibility of our suite of products."

Following things have been done:

  • Modular Approach - Keeping our customers in mind, we have adopted a modular approach for 2.0 so that the cost of the product goes down. Now the customer can purchase only those modules in which he is interested and thus doesn't have to pay the cost for those modules which are useless for him.
  • Backup of Records - Records can now be backed up for the specified amount of time
  • Retrieval of Records - The backed up records can also be retrieved back into the database
  • Import / Export of settings - This feature will help Adiscon in providing a better support to our customers. With this option, you can export your settings and send them to us. We will import your settings and can pinpoint where the problem lies in your configurations. This feature will also help you if you want to shift your settings from one database to another.
  • Multiple Profiles in Job Manager - Previously, it was not possible to generate a specific report more than once in a day. With multiple profiles now, it is possible. You can create multiple profiles and can assign the same report to them. This way, you can create the same report multiple times at different schedules in the same day.
  • Job Manager Interval - You can now specify the interval after which Job Manager should wake up and check if there are any reports that need to be generated.
  • Reports - A few useful reports have been added.
  • Log Files Support - Now MonitorWare Console also supports the generation of reports on log files as well.
  • Report Source on the fly - You can now specify the source of the report on the fly without having to restart MonitorWare Console. While generating the report, you can specify that this report should be generated on which Database / Log file
  • Lookup options - Lookup options have been added in the reports for Event IDs. Now every Event ID that appears in a report or a view, is linked with our Events' Repository, Events' Repository and Google depending upon the configurations that you have made. With this feature, you will be able to know what exactly a particular Event ID means with just a single click.
  • Enabling / Disabling of Main Dialog box - Don't want to see the main dialog box asking for login and password every time? This can now be done in Console with just a single click.
  • Bugs - Some known bugs have been removed.

MonitorWare Console 2.0 Beta is available immediately. Download your copy today!

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