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MonitorWare Console 2.1 Final Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the release of MonitorWare Console 2.1 Final. Principal features enhancements include new wizards, reports, views and many more.

“I am pleased to announce the release of MonitorWare Console 2.1 Final”, says Adiscon President Rainer Gerhards.

The new release has powerful features which old and new users will appreciate as they are made available with the help of continuous feedback by our valuable customers and we are thankful for their feedback. This release has ultimately helped us to increase the flexibility of our suite of products”.

MonitorWare Console 2.1 Final offers many enhancements, both from a usability point of view as well as from the actual feature set. For your convenience, we have divided the additions in three broader categories. i.e. Major Additions, Minor Additions and Bugs that have been removed. Following is the list:

1. New Major Additions

  • Startup Wizard - A start up wizard is provided to help you configure MonitorWare Console for the first time when it starts up.
  • Create / Remove Index Wizard – Database indexing has been implemented for the better performance of MonitorWare Console and a wizard helps you to create or remove these indexes.
  • Bonus Reports - Three Bonus reports of Cisco VPN Concentrator are added. These reports are related to VPN Concentrator Successful Logons, Failed Logons and Blocked Accounts.
  • New Views - New views are added in this release.
  • Parser for Unix / Linux – A new parser has been added to generate reports on PIX data gathered by Unix / Linux Syslog daemon.
  • User-Friendly Time Filters - Time Filters are more user-friendly in Filter Form. Now you can simply select "last day", "last week", "last month", "last year", or "last x days" (where x is configurable).
  • Configurable Table Names - Default SystemEvents and SystemEventsProperties tables are now configurable.

2. New Minor Additions

  • Configurable Message Box - In previous releases of MonitorWare Console, when someone used to click on "Filter Conditions" node, a message box appeared that explained that you were needed to select some other node to apply filters. Now you have an option to disable this dialog for future.
  • NTSeverity String - In filter form, NTSeverity string is now displayed instead of numbers which were not user friendly.
  • Friendly Messages - Earlier MonitorWare Console had no user friendly messages for the cases like empty reports but this time it will display you the possible causes of such empty reports.
  • Re-Run Feature in JM - You can generate a specific report present in a specific profile again and again by checking a check box that says “Re-Run when JM starts next time".
  • Manual DB Update - We have provided a button for updating the database on login form which will force the update process to run.
  • User-Friendly License Entry - You can easily paste the license info in the license form.
  • UI Expiry Reminders - UI expiry reminders have been added.
  • Online Help Node – A new tree node has been added that contains links for all the important FAQs, Articles, Step by Step guides etc available online.
  • Preserve Settings – When you make some settings in the filter form of Reporting Module, these settings are temporarily saved for that session provided the check box that says “Preserve Settings” in General Options is checked.

3. Bugs Removed

  • Bugs In Filter Form - Many small bugs have been removed from the filter form.
  • Crystal Reports Dependency Bug - Sometimes, Crystal Reports dependency errors were popped up when JM executed the report. This has been fixed now.
  • DSN Bug - Reports were not generated with DSNs that were created without Windows Integrated Security. This has been fixed now.
  • EventLogType Display - EventLogType was not displayed in "System Status Report" and "Needle in Hay Stack Report" when they were generated on log files. This has been fixed now.
  • UTC Handling for Log File Reports - For log files, UTC handling was not done. This is now incorporated in log file reports as well.
  • Last 24 Hours Bug - Initially when someone selected "generate report on last 24 hours records" for log files, then MonitorWare Console used to pick up only that log file that was generated in that date but actually last 24 hours records can be present in 2 different log files as well. This has been fixed now.
  • Save Report Bug - Saving a log file report and then clicking on the database tab caused some exceptions because of the missing top level node. This has been rectified.
  • Report Deletion Bug - Removed the bug that if a report is deleted, its settings still persist in Job Manager table and it still produces the report.
  • Date / Time Display - Selected Date and time is now displayed in the log file reports as well.

Download MonitorWare Console

You can download Free Trial Version of MonitorWare Console 2.1 Final.

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