MonitorWare Console 3.0 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the release of MonitorWare Console 3.0. The new release offers many details improvements as well as a totally revamped reporting module. "Our customers told us that reporting is very important to them", says President Rainer Gerhards, "so we have focussed ourselves on providing the best-ever reporting capabilities.".

Among others, reports now offer a variety of output formats, including PDF, HTML and interactive drill-down-type of reports. Also, MonitorWare Console is now easily adaptable to a wide variety of input formats, thus being able to accept logs from virtually any source.

There are also many other improvements, both from a feature as well as stability point of view. "We thank all of our beta testers who helped make the new release a big success", says Gerhards, "we very much appreciate your interest in MonitorWare Console and all the good comments and suggestions".

If you would like to experience the new version yourself, simply download the free 30-day trial version.


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