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WinSyslog 6.0 Final

Grossrinderfeld, 2005-04-18.

Adiscon is proud to announce the release of WinSyslog 6.0 Final. Today, Adiscon Gmbh. President Rainer Gerhards announced the immediate availability of the latest WinSyslog Final version. In his announcement, he said, "Adiscon is thankful to its customers whose continues feedback made this release a real success and helped us to release a product that is ready to challenge the real world tasks".

Principal features enhancements include new services with more features and functionalities in the existing services and actions. It has now more user friendly user interface and much more.

Highlighted Additions

  • New Service: MonitorWare Echo Reply service has been added and it ensures that always a fresh probe of the remote WinySyslog service is done.
  • Write to Database Action: This action has been totally rewritten and now provides more flexibility. Almost everything is customizable and fine-tunable to exact customer needs. For the SystemEventProperties table, a "Maximum value length" can be set for text fields. This allows the truncation of large text fields.
  • Start Program Action: Now it supports the property replacer, it means that the parameter-passing is now much more powerful. Parameters can now be drawn from the full set of event properties. Of course, the previous format can also be selected if needed.
  • SETP Action: With new received timeout settings, it is possible to control how long a SETP session would be established. The big plus of these timeouts is that they can save considerable network overhead especially in the case of SSL-protected sessions.
  • Greatly enhanced Configuration Program: There are numerous helpful additions to the configuration program, like full copy & paste support for almost all functions now, new shortcut keys, persistent treeview display and much more.
  • Enhanced SETP client: SETP client has been enhanced and server allows compressed transmission modes and fine-tunable session timeout settings. This greatly improves SETP performance.
  • Compute Status Variable action: It is added with a new action to increment or decrement a status variable, basically for complex tasks. Currently the "NTServicemonitorAlerter & Recoverer" sample uses this action to implement a reminder.
  • SNMP Support: Greatly enhanced SNMP support makes MIB decoding and parsing fully supported.
  • SNMP Action: Ability to send SNMP traps upon detection of an event, ability to forward any message source as a SMTP trap and Syslog message forwarding via SNMP are also the part and parcel of new release.

WinSyslog 6.0

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