Technical Support Options

Adiscon is proud to offer top level quality technical support for its products. There are several support packages available. This page shall provide a quick, but rough, overview over your options. If you have further questions, please contact

Paid Products (Windows)

  • Products: MonitorWare Agent/Console, EventReporter, WinSyslog, MoniLog, IISLogger
  • products include free unlimited electronic support via
  • no free phone support is included
  • phone support can be purchased separately (see below)
  • support done in central European time zone
  • UpgradeInsurance can be purchased to assign the higest priority to your email support tickets (it also provides free major upgrades).

Freeware & Open Source Products (Linux/Windows)

  • Products: Adiscon Logger, liblogging, NewsMerge, rsyslog, WinSyslog (free edition)
  • no free support is provided
  • support incident must be purchased (no exceptions)

Paid Support Options

  • incident based, incident is
    • a single problem
    • includes as many contacts (mail and phone) as necessary to solve problem
    • if problem was caused by program bug, customer will receive one free incident (paid products only)
  • Phone support
    • single incident: $450 (Euro 300 for EU customers)
    • 5-incident pack: $1,400 (Euro 1,000 for EU customers)
  • Custom Development
    • hourly basis (hour @ $139/Euro 99 for EU customers)
    • quote can be provided for larger projects
    • code will be integrated into standard product (which ensures future cost-free maintenance)
  • Consulting Services
    • hourly basis (hour @ $199/Euro 149 for EU customers)
    • quote can be provided for larger projects
  • Annual Support Contracts
    • are currently not being offered
    • offering is under development
  • Onsite-Support
    • available as part of the consulting services offering
    • the minimum time billed will be 6 hours per day
    • travel time will be billed at half the consulting rate
    • an additional hourly fee may apply depending on the actual request (e.g. to cover senior consulting)
    • all travel expenses (including daily allowance based on German tax rules) must be paid by the customer
    • air travel will be via business class flights if the flight time is longer than 4 hours
    • please ask for a quote if you are interested in that option


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