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Adiscon UpgradeInsurance entitles you to free upgrades and priority support...

  UpgradeInsurance is great for customers who want to assure continued smooth operation. This page details the features and benefits of Adiscon UpgradeInsurance. UpgradeInsurance is offered for all of Adiscon's products.

Free Upgrades

The customer purchasing UpgradeInsurance is eligible for unlimited free software upgrades (minor and major versions of the purchased software) during the validity of the UpgradeInsurance. This includes email delivery of new software versions and / or registration keys upon customer request.

New Operating System Versions

Adiscon guarantees that the Software UpgradeInsurance is purchased for will be made available for new operating system versions and / or service packs within a reasonable amount of time. Typically, new versions are made available at the official release date of the new software. 

Priority Support

Customers with UpgradeInsurance receive priority over all other support calls. In order to receive priority, customer will specify the UpgradeInsurance ID with the support call. Please note that UpgradeInsurance does not include phone or dial-in support. To qualify for this, you need to purchase support incidents. This restrictions allows us to keep UpgradeInsurance prices reasonable while offering phone support for those really needing it. Please email to inquire about support incidents.

Advance Technical Information

UpgradeInsurance customers receive advance notice of upcoming product releases as well as confirmed bugs. Of course, these customers will be notified immediately whenever a bug fix is available. The notification is via email addressed to a single customer email address (customers without UpgradeInsurance are kindly requested to check our web sites for new releases and fixes).


UpgradeInsurance can be purchased per year and is typically purchased for a period of three years. It is renewable annually. Upon request, we can auto-renew UpgradeInsurance. Customers interested in securing a longer period of time can purchase UpgradeInsurance for up to 5 years in advance.


UpgradeInsurance is very reasonably priced at 30% of the product purchase price for one year. After that year, you can automatically renew your UpgradeInsurance package. Even better: you can order UpgradeInsurance for up to 5 years in advance to secure the current low prices and your budget. This is because multiple year purchases receive discounts. For example, one year of UpgradeInsurance is 30% of the product retail price while five years of UpgradeInsurance is just 100%! So you can save 50% by purchasing five years instead of just one.

Years Price
1 year 30%
2 years 55%
3 years 75%
4 years 90%
5 years 100%

Please note that UpgradeInsurance must be ordered for all licenses of a specific product (e. g. EventReporter) a customer purchased. So if you purchased 20 licenses of EventReporter, you need to purchase UpgradeInsurance for these 20 licenses.

UpgradeInsurance can only be purchased for current product versions. As an example, if a customers has installed WinSyslog version 1.0 and the current version is 3.1, the customer needs to purchase an upgrade to 3.1 before he can purchase UpgradeInsurance.

Communication with the Customer

The customer will name a maximum of 2 persons being authorized to request the benefits of the UpgradeInsurance plan. The customer will also name a single email address for notifications. Of course, the customer can change the contact information at any time without additional charge.

Purchasing UpgradeInsurance

The easiest way to purchase UpgradeInsurance is directly when ordering your product. Of course, UpgradeInsurance can also be purchased at any time later. If you are interested in doing so, please email us at We will happily assist you.

Why is UpgradeInsurance available?

Adiscon has created the UpgradeInsurance plan based on customer requests. We have worked on this concept since mid-2000 and put it into a pilot phase in November of 2000. UpgradeInsurance is already used by customers like Deutsche Bank or UNICEF. UpgradeInsurance remodels a long-term software concept available all time since mainframe days.

This is version 1.2 of Adiscon's UpgradeInsurance policies. Version 1.2 is released 2015-01-29.