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Table of contents


What is Syslog?

What is Syslog being used for?

Where is Syslog Available?

Syslog Roles

Syslog – Protocol vs. Application

Passive Nature of Syslogd

Typical Syslog Setup - Small

Typical Syslog Setup - Larger

Fields you Should Know

Syslog - Facility

Syslog - Severity

Syslog - Timestamp

Syslog - Host

Syslog - Tag

Syslog - Message

Syslog Limitations

Can you Trust Syslog

Syslog Reliability

What if I need more Reliability?

Syslog Standardization


Credits and Copyright

Author: Rainer Gerhards



Further information:
An intro-level seminar on Syslog. Besides general technical understanding, no prerequisites are required.