Step-By-Step Guides  

Step-By-Step Guides

Article created 2003-05-05 by Rainer Gerhards.
Last Updated 2005-08-16 by Timm Herget.

Creating a Rule Set for Database Logging

This is a very quick step-by-step guide. It essentially is a step in multiple configurations. You can refer to this guide whenever you need to add database logging to one of your services.

To define a new rule set, right click "Rules". A pop up menu will appear. Select "Add Rule Set" from this menu.

Then, a wizard starts. Change the name of the rule set to whatever name you like. We will use "Database Logging" in this example. The screen looks as follows:

Click "Next". A new wizard page appears:

Select only Database Logging. Do not select any other options for this sample. Also, leave the "Create a Rule for each of the following actions" setting selected. Click "Next". You will see a confirmation page. Click "Finish" to create the rule set.

The wizard closes and the client shows a newly created rule set.

As you can see, the new Rule Set "Database Logging" is present. Please expand it in the tree view until the action level of the "Database Logging" Rule and select the "Database Logging" action to configure.

Now click on the Data Sources (ODBC) Button to open the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Now click on the System DSN tab and click the Add button to add a new System-DSN (Select the Microsoft Access driver like in the screenshot below).

In the next step, click the Select button and go to the Monitorware Agent installation directory (Usually C:\program files\MonitorWare\Agent\) and choose the sample database called sample97.mdb. After that name the new DSN with "MyDatabaseDSN" like in the following screenshot and press OK.

Now close the ODBC Data Source Administrator and switch back to the Monitorware Agent Client and insert MyDatabaseDSN in the DSN field. Leave all other settings in their default.

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