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Step-By-Step Guides

Article created 2003-05-09 by Rainer Gerhards.

Firewall setup for MonitorWare Agent

MonitorWare Agent can be used with standard firewalling. The product itself does not require any specific access privileges to network services like RPC or the like. The Windows networking support required is fully dependant on the needs of the network or security administrator. If a fully locked-down system is desired, the product can be run on a system without any network connectivity except for the activated services.

MonitorWare Agentís network communication needs are solely depending on the configured services and actions.

For syslog or SETP servers, open firewall ports are needed for the configured incoming ports. By default, this is 514/UDP for syslog and 5432/TCP for SETP. Both settings can be changed, which is especially useful for syslog where a non-standard port can be good security measure.

Ping and Port probes need outgoing connectivity (and replies allowed) for ICMP PING and the probed ports, respectively.

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