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How to upgrade WinSyslog / EventReporter / MonitorWare Agent?

Article created 2009-08-14 by Tom Bergfeld.

Are you using an older version of WinSyslog, EventReporter or MonitorWare Agent and do you not want to do all the configurations again?
By following these steps you can upgrade your product in about 5 minutes and keep your existing configuration.

This guide is based on WinSyslog but it is also valid for EventReporter and MonitorWare Agent. The following steps are the same.

General information about WinSyslog


Table of Contents

1. Back up your configuration
2. Download and install a new version
3. Import your configuration
4. Enter your new license key
5. Check for possible errors


1. Back up your configuration

Start your WinSyslog and switch to the tab "Computer". There you will find the menu item "Export Settings to Registry-file (Win32) / (x64)". Your choice depends on your operating system. After that you have only to decide where you want to save your registry file.

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2. Download and install a new version

The current version of WinSyslog (or the one you prefer) can be found here.
Once the download is done, go ahead and install it. You may have to restart after installation, this depends on your system.

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3. Import your configuration

Before you import your configuration, please close your WinSyslog client. To import your saved configuration just double-click on the registry file you created in step 1. There will be a pop up asking if you want to import this registry. Just confirm this pop up by clicking on ok. The next pop up will tell you that importing the registry was successfully.

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4. Enter your new license key

Start your WinSyslog. Click on the menu item "License" which you find in the left tree-view. There you can insert your new license information. Safe your input and restart your WinSyslog service (Please note that you have to restart your WinSyslog service after every change in your configuration!). After this step your upgrade to a higher version of WinSyslog is done. To check if there have been any errors please look at the next step.

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5. Check for possible errors

To check if there are any errors, please go to "Administrative Tools" and start the Windows Event Viewer. You will find the Administrative Tools by clicking on "Start" and "Control Panel".
The Event Viewer separates logs in 5 different branches. Choose the branch "Application". Now you can check if there are any errors from WinSyslog.

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