Version History  

MonitorWare Console 3.1 Released

Release Date: 2007-09-17

Build-ID: 3.1.2813.26422

New Additions

  • Job Manager Configuration

    The save routine of Job Manager was enhanced by merging some status message boxes. This results in a more user friendly way of applying changes to Job Manager.

  • New Reports

    With this release the EventLogOverview report is introduced. The report displays the Windows Event Log information similar to the Windows Event Log viewer. The user can apply filter settings to get exact the events in which he is interested in.

  • Format/Parser Specification

    - Implemented "Optional" property for template parsing.
    - Introduce new parse type "XMLElement".
    - Introduce new parse type "CSVField".
    - Properties are not longer case sensitive
    - XML text file format is supported by Windows Reports now." - In addition to the XML text file format the Adiscon Eventlog text format was implemented. This format reduces the overhead used by XML by using a csv styled format. This is interesting for people who would like to reduce their bandwidth usage caused by syslog messages (In the case of a Centralized Windows Event Log Monitoring via Syslog environment).

Bug Fixes

  • Reports

    - The appearance of some reports was improved, label text was fixed and sizing issues were solved.
    - The report definition files where put into the install package in order to avoid that write permissions are required for reports folder at runtime.
    - Fixed: LogOnLogOff report shows inaccurate information if no additional parameters in the logs are available.
    - Fixed: The EventID "contains" Filter does not work correct in some cases.
    - Fixed: NeedleInAHaystack data was not reset after a run. This could lead to incorrect count information displayed.
    - Fixed: "Order by" selection box does not work properly for the NeedleInAHaystack report.
    - Fixed: Using UserActivity based on text files was not processed properly.
    - Fixed: SystemStatus report does not work properly with text files in some cases.

  • Job Manager Configuration

    - The button for "Save & Close" was too small to display the text correctly. Now it fits.
    - Fixed: If the close button was clicked a notification comes up telling that the settings have been changed even if you previously clicked the save button.
    - Each time you want to schedule a newly savedReport clicking the "Save" button more than one time, the report was added to the database as often as the save button was clicked. This caused an exception the next time opening Job Manager Configuration. This has been fixed now.

  • Data Source Wizard

    - Adding a text file to the data source collection with a path which does not exist was rejected in any case. Now the user is asked if the path should still be used regardless if it exist or not. It is possible that the program which writes the logs (or even the user) will create this path in the future.

  • Format Wizard

    - Move more than two semantic objects caused an exception. This is fixed now.

  • Database Scripts

    - Fixed a bug in the MySQL scripts, which added columns of an inaccurate type.

  • License verification

    - In some cases the key for version 3 modules did not work. This is fixed now.

You can download Free Trial Version of MonitorWare Console.

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