Page Size for views explained

Created 2003-07-02 by Wajih-ur-Rehman

What is page size for a view and what is the importance of it?

A paging algorithm has been implemented in MonitorWare Console to improve efficiency. Had there been no paging algorithm, then the data grid had to display ALL the records that are returned from the database (imagine 1 million records being returned) and the user had to wait for a very long interval of time to see the results. The paging algorithm only brings those many records at one time that are specified in the page size. So greater the page size, more will be the time for each page to be displayed because of more number of records that are to be brought from the database but the total number of pages would be less. On the other hand, if the page size is kept small, then less time will be taken for each page to be displayed because of less number of records are to be brought from the database but this will increase the total number of pages. Depending upon your requirements, you should make some compromise between these two things and set the page size accordingly.

Page size is also important for Auto Refresh Feature. Read the following link to know about it:


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