Problems with Auto Refresh feature

Created 2003-07-02 by Wajih-ur-Rehman

When I turn on the Auto Refresh feature, it seems that MonitorWare Console has hung up. What's the problem?

The Auto Refresh feature allows the view to be updated after the specified interval of time. One thing that must be kept in mind regarding the Auto Refresh feature is that if you have set a very large value of the page size for a particular view and a very small time interval after which the page should refresh, then the performance of the Auto Refresh feature might not be good. The reason is that the previous records will not be brought yet from the database when the time for the next refresh comes and then it goes back to the database to fetch the fresh records once again. This will, sort of, hang MonitorWare Console.

We strongly recommend using small page values for the view for which you intend to use Auto Refresh feature so that the above mentioned problem is not encountered.

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