Adiscon's Log Viewer Tool

Adiscon's Log Viewer is a log file reviewing tool for Windows.

  • Handle large log files - Log Viewer is able to process large log files fast and accurate. Even with files larger than 1 GB it works like a charm.
  • Highlighting of important text - define as many keywords or phrases as you want which will be highlighted while reviewing the logs.
  • Tail a log file - it is able to monitor file changes and displays the appended lines.
Adiscon's Log Viewer Tool

The Log Viewer tool is able to process very large log files. Other tools often have problems with files large than 100 MB. With Adiscon's Log Viewer there isn't even an issue with files larger than 1 GB. In fact it works with 5 GB almost as fast as with 5 MB files. A special help for reviewing the logs is the highlighting option. Define rules for highlighting any keyword or phrase which should be especially marked while reviewing. These terms can be associated with a color, bold text or similar. E.g. "error" appear in bold text and red color.

Adiscon's Log Viewer is part of Adiscon's MonitorWare solution, see

Best of all, Adiscon's Log Viewer is available as freeware!

Adiscon's Log Viewer comes in two editions

Feature Freeware Licensed version
Basic feature
Handle files of any size
Number of highlighting rules2unlimited
No hint of Freeware edition
on files larger than 200 MB*
* in files larger than 200 MB lines are replaced randomly
by a hint that this is the freeware edition of Adiscon's Log Viewer.

Download link and manual

Get the licensed version here.


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