Clavister Firewall Log Samples

Samples genereated with firmware version: -
Date entry created: 2004-03-29


EFW: SYSTEM: startup=normal corever=8.30.01 uptime=0 cfgfile=FWCore.cfg cfgver=333 previous_shutdown="Unknown reason ('shutdown.txt' is empty)"
EFW: DROP: prio=6 rule=Access_22 reason=disallowed_source_ip recvif=ext srcip= destip= ipproto=TCP ipdatalen=28 srcport=2633 destport=24 tcphdrlen=28 syn=1
EFW: CONN: prio=1 rule=MailAllow conn=open connipproto=TCP connrecvif=int connsrcip= connsrcport=3359 conndestif=aux conndestip= conndestport=143

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