Reference library

Here, we provide you with variours information about using Adiscon products. Configuration issues, Step-by-step guides and common uses for different products.

  • Step-by-step guides
    Learn about using Monitorware Agent, WinSyslog and EventReporter in easy to understand Step-by step guides.
  • Common Uses
    The most common ways to use the MonitorWare line of products.
  • Centralized monitoring
    How to set up different MonitorWare products for a centralized monitoring solution
  • Syslog configuration
    What devices support syslog and how to enable it. Includes quick references, as well as in-depth tutorials. Also includes software, which can be made syslog compatible and how to achive that.
  • Security Reference
    Contains info on security-relevant objects and values. Includes Event correlation, the Kerberos error code list and Windows Event-specific Articles, as well as a Work-in-progress section with more security related items.


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