Export settings to a registry file

Created        2005-06-14 by Hamid Ali Raja
Last Updated 2006-04-27 by Timm Herget

How can I export my settings to a registry file?

To export your settings to a registry file, please do the steps described below.
Please note that you do NOT use the binary registryfile export-option!

Step 1

Go to Computer menu and click Export Settings to Registry-file.

Step 2

After step 1, you are shown a window as shown below to name and save your Registry file at your desired location. Please choose your file name and location where you want to save it.

Step 3

If you have some zipping software installed, right click on the saved file and zip it, as shown below:

Step 4

Send us the zipped file.

Note: You may be reluctant to send the registry file because of security reasons. We recommend you to review the contents of the registry file with notepad or any other text editor for security purposes.

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