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Configuring syslog on HP JetDirect

JetDirect interfaces are network print server. They are used internally in printers like the successful HP LaserJet series. The JetDirect is also available as external boxe to connect any brand of printer to the network.

The HP JetDirect interfaces support syslog protocol. To the best of our knowledge, they send status as well as print job information via syslog protocol. Status notifications include things like toner low or out of paper. Print job information includes data on completed an aborted print jobs.

The JetDirect Interface can be configured via the so-called HP JetAdmin program. In our sample, we use the web-based JetAdmin tool (HP is actively promoting the web version today).

In our sample, we have a very basic configuration. The HP Web JetAdmin is installed on a server with the surprising name “SERVER”. The printer we are configuring has the also surprising name “HP LaserJet 4000”. The syslog server service is running on a machine with IP In the sample, we configure the JetDirect interface to send syslog messages to this central server. We assume that you are already familiar with the HP Web JetAdmin program. Please note that the menus shown below can be slightly different depending on the HP Web JetAdmin version and the actual printer or JetDirect Interface model.

First, start the HP Web JetAdmin by pointing your browser to http://server:8000. This is the default address for Web JetAdmin. This will bring up the HP web interface.

Click on the jetadmin logo and click the continue button that pops up. Please note that depending on your browser settings a number of Java security warnings pop up. You need to allow execution of the applets, otherwise JetAdmin does not work. Continue until you reach the main menu:

Double-click the printer. A screen like to following appears:

Click on the “configuration” tab. Then, select “network” in the left-hand menu.

Find the “System Log Server” entry. Here, you must enter the IP address of the system the syslog server service is running on.

After doing so, press “Apply”. You will be directed to a “success” page:

The syslog server address is now set and syslog message logging activated. You can now either return to the configuration menu or select any option in the menu available.

This procedure concludes the configuration of the HP JetDirect Interface. It will now generate syslog messages that can be received by the syslog server.

Still problems enabling syslog? Find the solution in our forum or post a question there!

Syslog messages generated by these products can be received by MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog.

All information in this section is to the best of our knowledge but without warrenty of any kind. This is free information - use it at your sole risk.

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