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Configuring syslog on NetGear RT314

The RT314 supports syslog. Unfortunately, syslog messages cannot be enabled using web interface. It must be done using telnet, a command line interface.

To the best of our knowledge, the NetGear RT314 is compatible to ZyXEL Prestige 314. As far as we know, both of them operate with a version of the ZyNOS operating system that supports a menu system via telnet. As such, the description here does also apply to the ZyXEL product. There might be other routers available that base on the same operating system. If in doubt, start a telnet session to your router and check if this step-by-step guide applies to your device.

In our example, we assume the router has address The syslog server has the address

First, open a command prompt (“DOS box”). Then, type “telnet” as shown in this sample:

The router will prompt you for the password. Enter it and the following and the main menu will appear:

The syslog server’s address can be configured under “System Maintenance”. As such, enter 24 and press enter. The system maintenance menu appears:

There, enter 3 (as shown below) and press enter:

Now enter 2 and press enter. The syslog properties appear:

The screen shot displays the correct configuration for maximum logging. To change the properties, press enter. Each time you press enter, you will move from field to field. Once you are at the beginning of a field, you can simply type the value you would like to change. Follow the instructions on the lower left to change the configuration.

Make sure that you set “Active” to “Yes”, otherwise the RT314 will not generate syslog messages. Under “Syslog IP Address”, type the IP Address of the MonitorWare Agent. Please note that you must use an IP address – the computer name will not work. Under “Log Facility”, select the facility the messages will be sent with. The RT314 does support only LOCAL_1 to LOCAL_7 – other facilities are not supported. If in doubt, leave this setting at “Local 1”.

Under types, select which events will be sent via syslog. All those with “Yes” configured will be sent.

Please see the RT314 manual for details.

Finally, press enter to confirm your configuration choice.  This will store and active the new configuration and return you to the “Log and Trace” menu. There, press, ESC to return to the “System Maintenance” menu and ESC once again to return to the main menu. There type “99” and enter to exit the RT314 configuration utility.

Please note that telnet will display a “Connection to host lost” message – this is no error but the expected behavior.

This procedure concludes the configuration of the NetGear RT314. It will now generate syslog messages that can be received by the syslog server.

Still problems enabling syslog? Find the solution in our forum or post a question there!

Syslog messages generated by these products can be received by MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog.

All information in this section is to the best of our knowledge but without warrenty of any kind. This is free information - use it at your sole risk.

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