NetScreen Firewalls - Syslog Support

Specifics Please Note: NetScreen has been bought by Juniper Networks. All Support and technical documentation is now available at their website.

NetScreen supports syslog and has many options to configure it. Basically, syslog is enabled via the administrative GUI via the following steps:
  • click on "admin" in the configuration GUI
  • select the "syslog" tab
  • set the IP address of the system where the syslog service is running
  • if you have changed the syslog listener port, adjust it, too
  • apply these changes and you are done

For more information please see NetScreen's manuals available at under NetScreen Products.

Still problems enabling syslog? Find the solution in our forum or post a question there!

Syslog messages generated by these products can be received by MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog.

All information in this section is to the best of our knowledge but without warrenty of any kind. This is free information - use it at your sole risk.

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