SyslogSender - a .NET component for sending syslog data

An easy to use .NET component for sending syslog messages in your own application.

Simply add the dll to your project, include the Adiscon.MonitorWare namespace

using Adiscon.MonitorWare;
and after a few lines of codes
public class YourSyslogClass
 public YourSyslogClass()
 SyslogSender s = new SyslogSender();
 s.Port = 514;
 s.Send("targetIPorHostname", "Hello, I am a syslog message");
you have sent your first syslog message.

Best of all, Adiscon SyslogSender is freeware!

Adiscon offers paid support as well as custom development for SyslogSender. These support options are especially useful for enterprises needing to have someone responsible available for fulfilling their auditing needs. If you would like to, you can also donate to the SyslogSender project. For information on support, custom development and donations, please contact Adiscon at


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